Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lenore makes a website

I made a website to display my work more professionally since I haven't had the time for a portfolio yet.

to the website!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

villa perspective

We just got introduced to perspective renderings for design skills class. We need to render our villas for Project 4 using photoshop (due finals wk 12). This is what I have so far, which is pinned up on my final board, however I may change this for my final.

Final Review

Alas! Winter term will be over tomorrow, after my last review on this glorious project.
My new 8' board (8x3 sheet of vellum) contains my plan/section of site, diagrams, plans, sections, elevations of my villa and hut, information on my poet, a perspective (I used a mix of photoshop and watercolor) of the villa, and the precedent studies that inspired the design of our villa.

final model of villa
 70' trees (1/2" scale)


 learned that the dowels couldn't stand alone even with super super glue...
had to make the platform raised so I could stab the cardboard with the trunks to steady the trees.

 dining to the left, space for gathering to the right
 Board, site model, writers hut, villa


changes made, suggested by first reviewer:
I decided to make the loft larger to create an axis like the first floor
I also put the building's support underneath the sides of the walls.

 Board is up and ready!

This sums up how I felt knowing no more demanding hours in studio till spring!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

wk 9

Overview of my mid review on monday:
The professor didn't seem to quite understand my concept for the villa. Perhaps I need to articulate my words better...
Instead of blending with the forest, the villa seemed to stand out irregularly as if it were a "crystal in the landscape"
Th pivotal point in the building is placed where the two ends of the wall meets. There is no significant piece here which destroys this "pivotal area"
the entrance should be placed in the back. (again, I don't think he understood that I wanted an entrance at the front of the building because it welcomes the visitor into the forest itself, not just the building, the building is placed at the borderline between the old growth forest and the more tamed garden landscape).
 The structural support system did not make sense, the support beams should be placed directly beneath the walls.
The lofted area was far too cramped and disastrou, it also did not have the sense of axiality that the first floor had.
There were a few other suggestions that didn't make sense to my concept. Overall, a somewhat good review, but mostly disappointing.

This week we are getting ready for our final review: a collection of the garden, writers hut, and villa studies we've been working on during the second half of the term.
This includes fixed changes covered during the review for the writers hut and villa. We also need section, elevation, plan, and diagrams for the garden, writers hut, and villa.

Here's my quick update that I captured on the iphone today.

 Starting on my final model of the villa
 view above loft, steps at the left, then the bed space, toilet space to the right
 I narrowed the stairs to create more room in the loft. During review, it was mentioned that the loft seemed over crowded, and I also lost the strong sense of axiality the first floor had. Thus, by creating more space, there would be more room to create a central axis so that the toilet and bath may be moved to the left, circulation space to the right.
 here's where I left off tonight.
I was also able to make changes to the writers hut model. i removed the bed space at the roof and the second balcony since it seemed too "busy", thus simplifying the building by creating one long roof slab. The bed space has been relocated to the first floor where the glass window is.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rough Draft/ Mid Review Prep wk 8

 Wk 8 we worked on rough drafts for our mid review which covers our last project and addition to the landscape, the villa (400 sq ft max). All week we prepared for the mid review, in which we'd be critiqued on our work by professors in the department in order to further progress with our final product, which will be reviewed next week. To the left is my giant pile of drawings which, laid out for display, covers a vertical distance of 8 ft...

 The title "Villa Amongst the Trees" accurately explains my "parti", which is, emergence with the trees (I'm still trying to understand what a parti exactly is, but I believe it means the basic concept of the building). This concept of formulating design based off a parti was introduced in the beginning of the week. I found it to be quite difficult to come up with a building plan based off something so abstract, however a mentor of mine, Chris, third year, was kind enough to ease these worries and explained how he usually didn't even find his parti until the end of his design. Sometimes the parti just pops out as you're creating a work. Which precisely happened to me during the making of this rough model.
This triangular shape of the building works to fit snugly in the forest. The sides of the building will be made of a dark wood to blend in with the forest. 
 Here you see the Villa on (purposefully) crooked stilts. I wanted the building to be perched up high, as if it were in the trees (the location is placed in the old growth forest near the back of the site). The crooked (most likely concrete) stilts ( we are limited to wood, glass and CMU concrete) replicate the natural, imperfect growth of tree stumps. This idea was actually inspired by one of my class mates' precedent study,  Villa d'all Ava.
 Here you can see how the slenderness of the entrance eases the visitor into the building, and the forest beyond. The tall thin shape of the entrance was to replicate the tall, thin structure of the Douglass Fir trees.
 The axiality of the entrance and the back windows.
 The loft--closet to the far left, fitted bed next to it, beyond is the bathroom and (closest to the window) the sink. I'm a bit worried this space may seem a bit cramped. I'm thinking the windows above by the loft may be popped open to circulate the area, and allow for warm air to flow outside, cooling the house in an ecological manner.The toilet is placed behind the thin wall at the end of the closet. It is not an enclosed area. The steps are long enough for spaces to perch and enjoy the view. They are supposed to be somewhat of a seating area. The latter was to cut these steps in order to create enough space for the required "space for gathering". A bit hard to see, but the space for gathering is the platform the stairs end at. covered with pillows, it becomes a youthful space to lounge in. To the left is the dining table, and near the entrance the kitchen, with planes extending out on the left and right walls. the fridge would be located beneath the stairs. since the lounge is raised two feet high, this created extra storage space.

axial view through the front entrance

 The villa on the 1/8" site. The visitor enters through a path of colorful cherry trees, then enters the "forest"/ villa space.

 Diagrams showing youthful spaces to dwell and perch, connection to nature, and circulation system.
Images are precedent studies I took inspiration from.
 Floor plan and more diagrams (diagram to the top right shows the "compression/ release" pattern of the villa. Compressed near the entrance, expansion/release near the back, extending into the trees through deck access.
Second compression takes place near the thin, 2' deck space connecting the front deck to the back.