Thursday, September 19, 2013

Case Study Apartment Phoenix, AZ

I visited the case study apartment #1 in Phoenix last week. It had some similarities to the Stahl house in that it used plenty of glass and rectangular floor plans. This apartment was part of the Case Study program that the Stahl and Eames house were in.
 Here's the view of a unit via the parking space.
 Here you can see two units. The consistent glass pattern however blends the two properties together keeping a cohesive look. I liked that they had large patio space and garden areas. The original light fixtures are still there.
 Here is the main entrance area where a single plane of decking draws the visitor in. The narrowness elongates the view, making the space seem more lengthy. The thin posts and beams and the openness of the property balances out the heavy lowness of the roof plane.
 Here's the entry of a unit. People still live here today.
 Here you can see the equal spacing of the posts, keeping for a modular-like design.  You can barely make out the third unit at the right of the image (there are three total units).
 I liked the subtle floating quality of the main deck. The simple gap of levitation contributes to the elegant compilation of planes.
 The main entry. Here you can see clearly that the courtyard space of the entry feels intimate and secluded from the road. However, because of the excessive use of glass, there is little privacy.
 The landscaping was pretty cute and simple.
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