Tuesday, September 10, 2013

LA stop #3 Eames house

 The Eames house, designed by Charles and Ray Eames was built for the Case Study House program. This program in the 1960s was to display several modern forms of architecture, open for the public's viewing. In 1949 the Eames moved into the home.

 Built against an 8 foot high retaining wall, the rest of the four sides of the building, mostly composed of glass, opened outward towards the private meadow, connecting the home with nature.
 The Eames house was one of the pioneering works of "pre-fab" homes. The concept of "off-the-shelf" parts made for a more efficient building process (the skeletal structure took only two days, the rest of the home approx 8 months).
 Here is the studio unit.
 Here is the main house.
 The house viewed from the meadow. It reminds me of some sort of  De Stijl painting. I personally loved the different sized rectangles and bursts of color. It made for an interesting composition.

 Here is the main entrance door (between the trees).
 The home is only 1500 sq feet. It has a loft and an open space living room area, and is 17 ft high, which balances out the "small" home size.

The home integrates work, play, life and nature.

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