Tuesday, September 10, 2013

LA trip #4 Stahl House

 The Stahl House is another home from the Case Study Program (a collection of homes designed to educate the public on modern building ideals). Built by Pierre Koenig, this building, in its most simple form, is made of two box containers in the shape of an L. Large industrial pieces put together. From the street, it does not look like much. However, upon entering past the backyard gate, you stumble upon this view (to the left).
 The interior walls of the home is detached from the ceiling, allowing for a very free, open floor space plan.

 Here is the kids bedroom, which may only be entered through the master bedroom (which was also used as a sort of "family" room).
 View of the living room. this house completely opens itself to the amazing city views. All the glass heated up the house quickly, however. I even ended up wearing my sunglasses in the house because of the strong sun. The sun also damages the furniture, which is replaced approximately once a year.
 Entrance into the kids bedroom via the master.

 I really like the pool here. To access to the house from the door at the gate, the visitor must traverse over the concrete slab that hovers slightly above the pool, providing interest for swimmers. A platform to sit, to play, to rest.
 All the glass made for some sort of human incubator! I'm not sure how the Stahls managed the heat coming into the house.

 I really like how the kitchen seems like some sort of insert into the box form house. It looks contemporary and light.
 View of the master and kids bedroom, and how the walls slide out.

 The home cantilevers slightly into the cliff side.

 City views from the kitchen.

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