Tuesday, September 10, 2013

LA trip, stop #1: Schindler House

Last weekend I took a quick trip to LA to look at some of the architecture over there. LA has such a fantastic accumulation of architecture. Being the second largest city in the U.S., LA recognizes the importance of innovation in its buildings.

My first archi-nerd stop was the Schindler house.
 Rudolph Schindler was part of the modern architecture movement. He created a new home lifestyle which integrated nature tremendously. To the left is an outdoor sleeping basket.
 Here is the house viewed from the back yard. It blends well with nature, crouched low and grounded into the site.
 Here is the "outdoor living room" like space.
 Inside, the house was quite hot. some of the walls of the home slid open to let air in, however it was not enough to ventilate it efficiently (maybe having walls open out on the other side would let air pass through better?).
 I really liked the lighting in the home, it was subtle, hidden in a cross beam (the beam didn't seem structural).
 Here you can see how the walls slide open to the yard.There was plenty of natural light coming in through the clerestory windows.

 I really like the bathrooms. Natural light poured in through skylights above. The sink and bath tub was built in, blending with the material of the wall, which made for a very minimalist look.
 There were numerous fire places, indoors and outdoors.
 Here is an image of the roof, taken from the sleeping basket. I'm guessing these are the skylights that were used for the bathrooms.
 Here's the narrow steps down into the house from the sleeping basket.
 View of the front yard via the sleeping basket.

 The book shelves were all built in.

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