Friday, February 7, 2014

Environmental Control Systems project

 In this assignment, we were paired with another student to conceptually develop a shading device to attach to a building on campus that has experienced severe sunlight difficulty.

First we were to graph the required 50% or 100% shading requirements for each month on the sun chart. We then put a shading mask overlay (not pictured) which indicates the profile angle of the shading device required to cover the shading requirements.
 Here is an elevation view of how the shading device performs at spring equinox at 2pm. My partner and I used sketch up to render the shadows.

 Here is our final product. We chose to make a shading system on the East face of the building (we were given a choice between E and W) because this side would benefit from the shading system the most as it receives the most sunlight. Our design was split into two parts, the top part which directly applies onto the window (as views would not be obstructed here, we were able to take full advantage of directly applying the shading system). The second part, the overhang, juts outward in a tilt to decrease the length. It allows space for views and for the window to operate. This photo was taken using the heliodon in the university's lighting lab. This photo was set for summer solstice at 3pm.

Here is the shading device at winter solstice at 3pm.