Sunday, August 3, 2014

Much belated final review material.

As I said previously, what seems to be months ago, I have finally had time to post some of the final material of my last studio in the spring.



This school focuses on creating a connection between the wildflower hill at the top right of the site to the open grass field at the bottom left of the site. This is done by creating two buildings enclosing a pathway, the meadow, that connects these two natural elements. The meadow becomes a private outdoor field for students to explore, play and learn in. The classrooms become versatile spaces, arranged to be large or small with the use of a chalkboard dividing wall between a cluster of two classrooms. Every cluster shares an open area for group work or reading space. The abstract steel tree begins on the first floor of the school where the interior playground is located. It then travels upward through the next two floors, creating lofty play spaces for children to socialize with each other. The building to the left hosts the public activities of the school, such as the auditorium, gym, administration office and cafeteria. The building to the right holds the classrooms, library and media room, art room and music room. I kept the main circulation of the building to be along the edges of the meadow.

My first reviewer would have liked me to organize the functions of the building better, especially the circulation. More specifically, he had not liked the placement of the preschool and kindergarten rooms which are placed on the first level of the right hand building. For one to access this area, one would have to go through the entrance corridor, then enter the second building, then walk down the stairs to the preschool/kindergarten rooms. He had also noted that the procession from the parking lot to the class rooms may be to difficult, as one must open three doors to reach the lobby of the classroom building. This reviewer also thought to rethink the material of the building, as it currently resembles a bunker like building. The material I had aimed to render was a light brick color. This reviewer also noted how much of the classrooms only have one window, and placing light coming in from two sides of the room would be more preferable. He had also wanted me to open the public facade more.

My second reviewer suggested to create the facade based off the tectonics of the building form, or the limitations of the form. A facade could also be done by the solar geometry, or thinking of the spaces of the edges of the building, both interior and exterior. The reviewer also suggested to keep the entrance lobby open, instead of enclosed. This was an interesting idea as it would create three buildings, not two. It would also create a nice exterior courtyard entrance, and would also solve the issue of traveling through three doors to get to the classrooms.