Saturday, October 25, 2014

Structures class project 1

This past week we have been studying how structure can form space. Students were to design a market hall using specific support, span and brace material as well as a circulation layout. I was given a symmetrical perpendicular axis, timber for span and masonry for support and brace. We were assigned to create large spaces for primary circulation, medium spaces for venders  and small spaces using the material to define space. To do so, I separated space by creating different sized archways beneath the truss. The small spaces are used as separate, private circulation areas or storage opportunity.

Design Media Project 1

This term I am taking a digital media class focusing on Grasshopper and paneling tools for Rhino5. We started out the class by creating light screens by folding and cutting paper. I played with color and used both card stock and vellum paper. The circular screen was made using grasshopper point attractor to make the subtle variation of elliptical shape.