Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Graphic Design lesson part 2

Throughout this term, I am producing graphics for the plasma screens for the lecture series, as a sort of follow up to the lecture poster task.
This past week was a bit more challenging, however, as I was asked to design a separate poster for a lecture.

This would be a typical template for the plasma screens. Of course, not every project image would be similar, so these yellow blobs would be annoyingly irritating to move around to fit... but a decent enough concept to work for the lectures.

But this week I was asked do design a poster, using the image below:

thus my bright pink photo adjustments would be a terrible idea!

 The image itself has its own colors, and shapes, and to mix it with my poster's concept seemed odd.

Below, the first draft.

I was then encouraged to 1/ use the image as the full background, as I did the plasma templates, and 2/ to use a shape from the stained glass image, instead of the Jean Arp shapes and 3/ reduce the amount of colorful blobs.

The text seemed strange on this poster, and I was then asked to 1/ make the image blur using gaussian blur, in case of pixelated image quality and 2/ widen the yellow shape to make the words read more smoothly
as in "Bauhaus Design" instead of "Bauhaus" on one line
Basically, understanding the importance of how a poster's information is read for the viewer,
to make it as simple and clear as possible
The size of the poster was scaled up as well.